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Young, but not idiotic. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Young, but not idiotic.

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Hey Baby Bats [Feb. 1st, 2009|04:33 pm]
Young, but not idiotic.

My name is Boo and I am one of the new moderators on heirs2thethrone and we are actively recruiting in our precious community.

I took a look at all of you lovely Baby Bats and I was wondering if any of you were interested in filling out an application for heirs2thethrone?

Now heirs2thethrone is connected with gothroyalty there is room for promotion, as you get older.

Go ahead and look at our user information and fill out an application. Let's step lively Baby Bats!!
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A shot in the dark [Jan. 16th, 2006|02:39 pm]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |accomplishedunproductive]
[Current Music |Joy Divison- She's Lost Control]

Good grief this place is dead! I've seen more action in a graveyard (ha. ha. ha. bad cliche joke and to be very honest, I haven't seen any kind of action at all. period. Not that you particularly wanted to know that.) In any case..I just thought I'd stir things up a bit and see what happens.



Anybody here a senior in high school? (06 hell yeah!)

Just wondering how everyone elses senior year is going. Application for college killing you? How are you coping with senioritis? leaving high school? moving on period? What are you doing after high school? What are you doing for spring break? For prom? For the summer? Any one else having a case of the if I-should I-could I- would I's and finding yourself doing (or contemplating doing) things that maybe a year or two ago you wouldn't dream of?

I don't know. Just curious how my fellow senior babybats are dealing.

Oh, by the way hi.
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serious question... [Jul. 1st, 2005|01:30 am]
Young, but not idiotic.
[Current Mood |gloomygloomy]

I just bought one of HIM's older CDs from before he was more known...Am I still considered a baby-bat, or does that move me up in goth-rank? I really want to start climbing the gothic social latter, and I'm hoping that this is a good start...
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Sooo how's everyone doing... [Jul. 1st, 2005|01:59 pm]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |paradox]

Summer is starting. I just wanted to check up on the community.
I haven't really been here for a while. So I hope everyone is enjoying everything.
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Just one more, guys. [Jun. 6th, 2005|07:26 am]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |artisticartistic]
[Current Music |Bellas morte]

If memory was like a glass puzzle,
made up of a million shards,
then where would I start?
Where would I begin to reconstruct the ones that would hold your form, your image?
Each smile, each wink, and laugh was a small piece of the mosaic in my mind, that i still struggle to fit back together.
Or was it a dream in which i beheld a single note, a single tune upon your breath, infecting my very being. Dancing in the mystery that i felt for you from the begining.
This tune in which we danced to the end of oblivion. Where we watched a million tear stained memories fall and become endless ripples in a blissful echo of water. Lushious and unrelenting.
Hoping that i may never wake up to discover the feathered pieces scattered and unable to be found.
Thus i found fallen embers of hope and love, in your euphoric eyes.
Where i ask you now to help me peice this recollection together again.

So there, I think that one was better than the last one at least.. lol
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Just for pouring [May. 31st, 2005|09:53 am]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |mellowmello yellow]
[Current Music |audra~going to the theater]

I found this file saved in my computer and decided i want to share it...

Where once in a while i may dream of a dream about you, and wonder wether or not your thoughts are aware of mine.
When i sit and i think outside in the night air and look to the sky, i think about what may be held in the future.. What exactly the future even is. Or wether or not there is a future.
Will you be there in the future that i hope to create in the recesses of my mind? Or will i have to beg and rely on the memory for the future.

Be aware of what i feel despite the fact that i can't show what it is that i feel, with out a physical demonstration.
To hold you would be a bliss that only the dead can experience.
Then an experience can not make one aware of the future, but rather the here and now, and all i know is the here and now. That is, that i want to be with you. That i also want you in a way that can never be expressed.

If this were up to me, I would never let you go. Never, as long as i had the ability to be alive.

I have alot of better stuff, which i have given away... lol, but I bet i can get some new stuff going
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A new- ish type guy...... thing [Mar. 8th, 2005|12:56 pm]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |cocteau twins - sugar hiccup]

i have been watching this one for a little while now... and decided your not mall goths...thank god...
Then when i saw that a friend of mine belonged, then i figured... why not?
So if no one minds, mines open and i hope evryones is as well. I want to poor myself out here... ^_^
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x posted [Feb. 26th, 2005|11:01 am]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |creativecreative]
[Current Music |Rich Girl stuck in my head]

I couldn’t handle my real hair any longer, I had to out my dreads back in before I massacred my hair. In some of these I look a little sedated lol, I had just taken a shower and was about to step into bed when I saw the camera and thought what the hell so here you go

more this way….Collapse )
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been a while since i posted, sorry [Feb. 1st, 2005|09:58 pm]
Young, but not idiotic.

[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |tv, i dunno whats on though]

So I have new hair finally!!! Not the best dreads I’ve done but I really like them, they look a lil more ‘natural’ than some. So here ya go

~# + 6 #~ Collapse )

Cross posted like a mother
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Salutations. [Dec. 29th, 2004|06:44 pm]
Young, but not idiotic.
[Current Mood |internally peaceful]
[Current Music |Lieutenant Kijé, Suite Op. 60, Troika, Sergey Prokofiev]

I'm Rosa, and I'm fifteen. Some days, feels more like fifty. Let's not get into that, though. I'm sure you don't want to hear me bitch & moan, as much as I like to. I'll stop the introduction there, that being all that's vital. I'm curious to hear the opinions of everyone else in the community:

Musica PopularumCollapse )

I'm eager to hear the common, or not-so-common opinion of this community.
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